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3M 7500 Silicone 1/2 Mask Set

3M 7500 Silicone 1/2 Mask Set

3M 7500 Agri/Paint Spray Starter Kit Med

The Premium Half Face Respirator 7500 matched with the 6001 Cartridges & 5N11 Filters protects against respiratory hazards associated with agricultural or paint spraying activities.


1 x Medium Facepiece 7500

1 x pair Organic Vapour Cartridges 6001

1 x pair Filter Retainers 501

1 x Pair Prefilters (P2) 5N11

4 x Respirator Cleaning Wipes 504

1 x Storage Box

Note: Not Suitable for use with: Isocyanate based paints, Pesticides with LD50 < 50mg/kg, Deadly/Dangerous Poisons, Fumigants/Soil Sterilants, Indoor fogging of pesticides

3M 7500 Silicone 1/2 Mask Set