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3M 1120 Earplug Dispenser

3M 1120 Earplug Dispenser


- Dispenses 3Mô Soft Foam Ear Plug 1120/37062

- Durable, lightweight plastic dispenser mounts easily on the wall wherever protection from loud sounds is needed (mounting screws not included)

- Sturdy optional base holds dispenser securely for use on tables, benches and other flat surfaces (DSP-B)

- Highly visible to help remind workers to wear hearing protection

- Fits close to wall to stay clear of forklifts and other workplace traffic

Cost Effective:

- Expense of ear plug packaging is eliminated

- Low cost plastic refill bags instead of single-use jars or bottles and disposable dispensers

Easy-to Use:

- Simple, one-handed operation

- Holds up to 700 pair of ear plugs so that container can be refilled before it's empty

- Plastic refill bags are easy to store

- No bulky refill containers to store

- Refill line on label makes it easy to see when it's time to refill

- Unique design helps keep ear plugs flowing freely

Less Waste:

- Catch tray included to help keep ear plugs off the floor

- No ear plug wrappers for less litter and waste

- Completely reusable system eliminates need to recycle or dispose of bulky refill containers or single-use dispensers

- Refillable design

- No need to throw away last few pair of plugs with the container

- No need to wait until container is completely empty

- Complete with 1000 pairs earplugs

3M 1120 Earplug Dispenser